BRAND PULSE was founded in 2009. and it is rather young brand for bags and stationery. This brand was made at the beginning of financial crisis, but not as to offer cheaper and lower quality products, but opposite, with offer of high quality products with reasonable prices. Founder Mr. Velimir Dobrilović was annoyed by “big brands” present on the market with their strategy of decreasing quality, narrower assortment and increasing prices as a consequence of lower purchasing power of the market, so his idea was to offer high quality bags with 2 year guarantee, by reasonable prices (much lower than “big brands” with similar quality). Philosophy of selling and buying high quality products and using them for a longer time, instead of buying cheaper and lower quality products which have defaults and brake easily, is more and more accepted by consumers. So, immediately after first year presence in Balkan countries, customers have accepted PULSE products and year after year market is expanding. Today, PULSE is present in 26 countries around Europe, Asia and Africa.


PULSE QUALITY is guaranteed with 2 years warranty and nevertheless model all PULSE bags are made with controlled material (600D, 900D, Polyester DOBBY, 1680D, Genuine Leather…) which is PVC FREE and it complies with REACH standards. All material is waterproof and made with Polyurethane coating, so they are not temperature sensitive, more flexible, more durable than most of the bags present on the market. Also, this technology of material production and preparation is based on organic units which are connected with urethane links (Polyurethane), so it does not require conservatives which are bad for health and have bad smell.  All bags are reinforced in spots which suffer from high pressure and are connected with high-resistance polyester or nylon net. Colors for printing used are of top quality (not easy to fade or scratch).

PULSE products are made from high quality materials designed in Pulse Design studio.

High level quality control in production is one of the most imortant issues in our business strategy.


We started in 2009 by developing backpacks and small range of school items. Every year we introduce new products with wide range of items within collections. High quality/price ratio and consumer satisfaction are the main goals in our business strategy – thanks to experience of more than seven years in developing backpacks in terms of making models, features, designs and artwork .

Today, PULSE is present in 26 countries around Europe, Asia and Africa.

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Well, this subject is up to taste, and PULSE design team is putting high effort to satisfy needs and suggestions from the market in way of bag construction, accessories and outer design (printing). We hope that you like our design and that you would be willing to test our quality!

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