PULSE brand was established in 2009. and it is very young brand focused on bags, backpacks and school equipment. The brand was created at the beginning of the financial crisis in 2009, but not as an offer of cheap and poor quality products, but on contrary, as an offer of top quality products at reasonable prices. PULSE development team was revolted by big brands that are presented on the market with their strategy of breaking down quality, reducing product range and increasing prices, as a consequence of reduces consumption and falling sales. So, the concept of PULSE products was made to guarantee quality ( 25 months warranty on all backpacks, bags and cases) and guarantees good prices ( much lower prices than the competition for better quality than the competition). The philosophy of using better quality products and using them for a longer period of time, instead of buying cheaper, poor quality products that splits and damage, has been increasingly recognized by end users.


PULSE QUALITY is guaranteed no matter of model. All PULSE backpacks are produced from high quality PVC-free materials, so they meet all EU standards (REACH). Many other products on the market are made of PVC-containing materials, and when the material contains PVC, then it must be sprayed with other chemicals, so treatments lead to containing PVC and unhealthy products.Also, the material used to make PULSE bags is water repellent, more flexible and more durable than most of the others on the market. The material production technology is based on organic units linked to Polyurethane units, so these materials do not require canning. The bags are also reinforced with special nylon thread in all places that suffer a heavy load, and all the colors used for printing are top quality, so they do not fade and are difficult to scratch.


PULSE DESIGN is a matter of taste, but the PULSE design team makes every effort to meet market needs, end-user advice and recommendations in terms of construction, accessories and  printing. We hope you like our design and are willing to test our quality!
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